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Books Published

The author has so far published three books on RTI Act 2005. One book is exclusively in English, the other both in English and Tamil and the third one exclusively in Tamil. The books contain interpretation of the sections of the Act and latest case Laws of SIC, CIC various High Courts and Supreme Court of India. The Public Authorities are able to deal with RTI petitions effectively as per the interpretations and Case Laws. The author’s books are popular among officials and public.

Book Details :

  • Right to Information Act, 2005 with comments and case laws – English
  • Right to Information Act, 2005 with comments and case laws – both in Tamil and English (so far 9th Edition has been released)
  • Right To Information Act 2005 – in Tamil
  • Right to Information Act in Tamil up to - 25th Edition has been released in Jan 2022.
  • RTI Act 2005 – Notes to the students of Karnataka Law University
  • Why do Marriages break? (the reality of life and laws of the land)
  • Right to Services Act of various states
  • Amendments to Criminal Laws
  • RTI Act in English with Comments and Case Laws –January 2018 (New Book)
  • Hand Book of New Labour Laws of India with Draft Rules - First Edition 2021

Publisher Details :

Giri law house
Proprietor: Thirumathi. Deepalakshmi Giridharan,
Contact: 0427-2416219
Cell: 94432 24162, 94878 26067
Email: girilawhouse@gmail.com
No: 123, East Street ( Near Vincent Bus Stop ),
Salem - 636 007, Tamilnadu, India.