** Training applicable for both Public & Public Authorities

Training Conducted

Human Resource Management

  1. Leadership, Leadership styles, Leadership style for Negotiation
  2. Team Building and High Performance of team
  3. Team building and Participative problem solving
  4. Communication skills including Barriers in Communication, Interpersonal Relationships, Interpersonal communication
  5. Motivation / self motivation and personal effectiveness/ motivation for students / professionals
  6. Motivational Strategies for Productivity Improvement
  7. Motivational Strategies for Productivity Management
  8. Motivational Strategies for Negotiation
  9. Motivational Strategies for Tackling Gender issues
  10. Gender based Motivation
  11. Motivational Strategies as a tool for Administrative Development skills
  12. Effective coordination, delegation, monitoring and evaluation
  13. Public Relations
  14. Organisational Behaviour and Managerial skills
  15. Personality Development
  16. Transactional analysis and Leadership strategy and all other subjects related to Human Resource Management including Change Management
  17. Management of Training
  18. Management of Change
  19. Subjects in Trainers’ Training programme
  20. Essentials of communication and effective communication
  21. Decision making and problem solving
  22. Gender Budgeting
  23. Disaster Management
  24. Leadrship and Motivation for achieving excellence in Organisation
  25. Negotiation Skills
  26. Qualities of a successful negotiator
  27. Conflict Management and conflict resolution strategies
  28. Effective Communication
  29. Emotional Intelligence
  30. Motivation and its importance etc.,
  31. Principles of Negotiation
  32. Community participation and Social mobilization
  33. Principles of Behaviour change
  34. Principles of Management
  35. Public Administration
  36. Public participation in promoting integrity and eradicating corruption
  37. Qualities of a Successful Administrator
  38. Service Orientation and effective service delivery
  39. Vendor analysis and vendor rating
  40. Work-Life balance and stress management
  41. Leadership in community and stakeholders mobilization
  42. Implementing of Training Plan
  43. Grievance redress mechanism
  44. How to be a good manager
  45. Administrative Development Skills
  46. Effective Customer Service Delivery for TQM
  47. Performance Appraisal and Rewarding
  48. Vishakha Guidelines and Sexual Harassment of women in work place Act 2013
  49. Training of Trainers ( TOT ) etc.,
  50. Performance Management for PA, PS & Office Staff
  51. Developing Work Culture through Attitudinal Change
  52. Stress & Time Management through PQH Model
  53. Performance Management & 3Ps – PQH Model
  54. Leadership Competencies for Organizational Excellence

Project management subjects

  1. Project Identification
  2. Project Formulation
  3. Project Implementation
  4. Project Monitoring and Control
  5. Project Evaluation
  6. Human Issues in Project Management
  7. Community participation in Forestry Projects


  1. Itinerary Planning for packaged tours and crisis Management while on tour.


  1. All Acts pertaining to Police Department

General Topics

  1. Human Values, Ethics and Audit
  2. Work Ethics and work culture
  3. Issue Management
  4. Crisis management
  5. Disaster management
  6. HRD and Stress
  7. Time management
  8. Stress Management / Workplace Stress Management/ workplace stress management for working women executives
  9. Mind Management
  10. Post retirement Mind Management
  11. Psychological Aspects of Retirement
  12. Utilising the Post Retirement period usefully
  13. Counselling
  14. Good Governance
  15. Organisational excellence and Bench marking for performance excellance
  16. Innovation and Change management for Organisational Excellence
  17. Gender issues
  18. Morals, Ethics and values in administration
  19. Gender Budgetting
  20. Ethics in Procurement
  21. Achieving excellence through Ethics
  22. Change Management Strategies
  23. Business Ethics
  24. Work Life balance
  25. Gender Sensitization & Prevention of sexual Harassment at work
  26. Successful Retirement Planning

Industries and Management

  1. Management Audit
  2. ABC Analysis for Audit and VED of Audit
  3. Total Quality Management
  4. Materials Management
  5. Marketing management
  6. Marketing Research
  7. The Factories Act
  8. Industrial Disputes Act
  9. Labour Laws
  10. Stress Management in Industrial Sector staff
  11. All HRD subjects related to capacity Building
  12. Public Relations
  13. Total Productive Management etc.,
  14. Industrial Employment Standing Order Act etc.,

Office Administration

  1. Drafting and noting
  2. Conduct Rules and Service Rules
  3. Enquiry procedure and Role of presiding Officer
  4. Initiating and follow up of disciplinary proceedings
  5. Office procedure, Modern office Management and other connected office administration Matters, Modern Office Management tools, Modern office communication tools
  6. Written Communication and effective communication for effective service delivery
  7. Importance of vigilance / role of vigilance in an organization
  8. Constitutional Provisions and Office Procedure
  9. Disciplinary proceedings and Litigation Management
  10. CCA Rules and Record Management system
  11. Vigilance as a management tool
  12. Modern Office Management and Performance Management
  13. Effective Office Management & Administration and Performance Management

Online programmes and also Residential Programmes already conducted

  1. Preventive Vigilance in various aspects including Role and Responsibilities of Chief Vigilance Officer and Role and functions of Central Vigilance Commission
  2. Central Vigilance Commission Act 2003 with latest amendments
  3. E- Procurement ( Principles, procedure and process ) of goods and services
  4. Role of GEM in E- Procurement
  5. GOI Rules ( GFR- updated ) regarding procurement of Goods, Services and Works
  6. RTI Act 2005 ( Empowerment and Privileges of Citizens under this Act, Role of Public Authorities, Role of Assistant Public Information Oficers, Role of Public Information Officers, Role of First Appellate Authorities, Role of Information Commissions ( State an Central ) with relevant case laws as on date
  7. Contract Management, Vendor Management in E- Procurement
  8. Role of Government E- Market in E- Procurement
  9. Government Policy in E- Procurement
  10. Code of Integrity in Public Procurement
  11. PIDPIR ( Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers Resolution)
  12. Whistle Blowers’ Protection Act 2014
  13. Competitions Act 2002
  14. SWOT analysis
  15. Counselling and Mentoring Skills
  16. Training Need Analysis ( TNA )
  17. Entire Disciplinary Proceedings including stages ( steps ) of disciplinary proceedings, Constitutional provisions, Principles of Natural Justice, Role and Functions of Disciplinary Authority, Inquiry Officer, Presenting Officer, Charged Officer, appeal, revision and review
  18. VIGILANCE Awareness Week – Every year he participates in Vigilance Awareness Week conducted by PSUs, Major Port Trusts etc., and delivers lectures on the theme of the year
  19. Sexual Harassment in workplace
  20. Ethics in Government Administration and Good Governance etc.,

Right to Information Act – 2005

  1. Domestic Violence Act - 2005
  2. Acts relating to Legal Empowerment of Women
  3. Acts relating to Atrocities against Women
  4. Acts relating to protection and Constitutional Rights of SCs and STs, including Untouchability Act
  5. Reservation Directives for SC /ST/ OBC and others
  6. State Human Rights Commission
  7. National Human Rights Commission
  8. Law relating to Human Rights
  9. Law relating to Women and Children
  10. Laws relating to Labour Welfare
  11. Motor Vehicles Act
  12. Litigation management
  13. Constitution of India
  14. ISO – Certification
  15. And also all important Acts like IPC, CrPC etc.,
  16. Laws related to Medical Profession etc.,
  17. Writing of Wills and other related legal issues etc.,
  18. Causes and avoidance of Court cases
  19. Biological Diversity Act 2002