** Training applicable for both Public & Public Authorities

Training Module For RTI

The training module is most flexible according to the requirement of Client Organisation. The training module can be developed on the areas in which much focus is required to the officers / staff of the Client organization.

Similarly civic organisation also can approach the author/trainer for conducting such training programmes.

The training module can be developed in a manner based on the needs of the Client Organisation, for a duration of one day \ two days \ three days training programme.

The essential topics on training programme on RTI Act 2005 are generally:

  • Assessment of Entry behaviour. (Pre training evaluation)
  • History and background of the Act.
  • An Overview of the Act.
  • Obligation of Public Authorities.
  • Role of Assistant Public Information Officers and Public Information Officers.
  • Provisions of the Act.
  • Role of First Appellate Authority.
  • Appeal provisions under this Act.
  • Third Party Information.
  • Powers and Functions of the State/Central Information Commission.
  • Case Studies.
  • Group Discussions and Presentation by participants.
  • Post training evaluation & Feed Back.

In addition to the above if the client organization requires specialized training, specific in certain areas of the Act, the same can be dealt with in consultation with the trainer. At the specific request of Client Organisation, the training need analysis can be conducted and required topics, on which training is needed to the officers/staff of the organization, to improve efficiency of an individual and to improve productivity, may be designed and conducted. In HRD and other topics also the module can be developed as per the requirements of Client Organisation.